Ever wondered how you can make a difference in a loved one’s life but don’t know where to start?

With our specially crafted prayer tools, you no longer have to wonder. As a bunch of ordinary families, we have dedicated our efforts to help you pray intentionally. Each prayer comes from the heart.

What they say…

Since starting my walk with the Lord, I’ve always valued prayer and intercession. I recently became a mom of two boys and now, more than ever I see how important it is to bring my boys before God in prayer.

The Reckless Love prayer box has been that constant reminder in these busy times to never cease to pray. In the days leading up to my second son’s, birth we had the “Grace” card displayed. We trusted for His grace, especially in the transitioning with our eldest son. It’s been such a blessing! Definitely one of the best gifts I have ever received!

Kristen Joubert

We really love and would certainly recommend Reckless love prayer cards! It serves as an amazing stepping stone to pray into much needed areas in the lives of my children. I also experienced how God uses this tool to open up deeper thoughts and prayers for my children. I am often amazed at all the things God shows me and that I pray into, by just starting out with the card of the day…

Janine Vosloo

Reckless Love – Love Intentionally.

A collection of elegant, thoughtful yet simple prayers uniquely crafted specifically for your children and even grandchildren, to remind you to pray for your loved ones daily.

Our relationship with Father God is the very essence of our existence. We were created to be loved. In this journey we call life there will be precious, memorable moments. The Word says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”.

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